History of Edufactors

Edufactors and the idea of creating an educational system that complements the school system but without the formalities and the pressure that comes along with it, was initiated by Subbalakshmi Kumar, in May 2013 in Pune, India. Subbalakshmi has spent over 25 years in teaching children, training teachers and worked with school children on real issues like climate change, child rights, and bringing it into the mainstream curriculum. www.cdeindia.in

She strongly believes that school learning or formal learning must be enjoyable in addition to being useful and informational. The idea of an educational system that complements the school learning process, one without the stress and burden, one that relates to local and global issues, one that doesn’t grade students and one that kindles the thinking of the child was brewing in her mind when she was simplifying content taught in school for her daughter who was studying in school.

Subbalakshmi was encouraged by her husband, Kumar who is a serial entrepreneur, and has several decades of experience in business development, marketing, advertising and public relations. Together they formed the company Edufactors Private Limited and the first project is www.mathweeks.com which is a 40 – weeks parent-driven math program for children of ages 5 – 10 divided into various levels. The parent can select the program depending on the level the child is in. On the same lines, much research has gone into increasing levels for each program and also having programs in English language – focussing on writing and comprehension skills www.englishspells.com and Social science – focussing on community living and general science www.scienceleaf.com

Mission Statement:

Educating young minds

Edufactors is dedicated to creating resources for learners, young and old, that helps them understand concepts and ideas simply, makes them think and enjoy the learning process at every level.

Edufactors is the only website that has this unique program structure that is specifically designed to help busy parents to not only enjoy learning with their children, but also help them think and create healthy habits.

Edufactors strives to provide parents with effective learning programs that enrich the time spent with their child, create excellent learning habits and sustain interest in the learning process.

Edufactors also provides teachers and schools with daily practise programs that supplement the work done in school without the usual stress and pressure that comes with it.


A world where learning is joyful and free of pressure, free of unhealthy competition, free of impersonal assessment.

Learning is fundamental to every human being. Edufactors dedicates itself to creating learning resources that are supplementary to school learning that the parent and child can explore together. We are constantly reviewing our content to engage with the ever-changing world, working on newer technologies to reach out to more children and making it easier for the learner to transition from the world of school to the real world.

Edufactors looks at itself as a comprehensive online school in the near future, which provides exciting enriching learning experiences from preschool to secondary school including hobbies, sustainable development programmes, global perspectives, current affairs, critical thinking but not restricting itself to formal school learning content. It could include and take on anything to do with providing enriching educational experiences to children, youth and adults alike that will help them to become responsible global citizens.