What we specialize in:

Edufactors is dedicated to creating resources for learners, young and old, that helps them understand concepts and ideas simply, develop healthy learning habits, makes them think and enjoy the learning process at every level.

In the future, it looks at itself as an online school that not only provides education in the 3 Rs, but also provides exciting enriching learning experiences from preschool to secondary school involving critical thinking, current affairs, conflict resolution and education for sustainable development.

The first phase of Edufactors focuses on primary education and deals with math, English and science, the three programs being Mathweeks, Englishspells and Scienceleaf.


Mathweeks is an on-going 40-weeks parent-driven math program for children of ages 5 – 10 that delivers daily graded practice worksheets into their dashboard every week and sends them an email reminder every Friday. 

The parents download and print the sheets and sit with their child for a few minutes everyday and strengthen their math concepts, which also goes a long way in establishing healthy habits for the child in the long run.

The Mathweeks program is based on the principles of daily practice, small steps, graded exercises from easy to difficult, just one page a day to sustain interest, enough drill and practise to build strong foundations – all of which are very important for creating interest and motivation to learn in this age group.

The Mathweeks curriculum is drawn after extensive research on the curricula of primary math from various countries across the world. Each level deals with over 100 skills that the child should master in a non-threatening, friendly manner with simple and clear explanations and easy-to-understand visuals.

The Mathweeks program is available in 5 levels catering to the age group of 5 – 12.


Englishspells like Mathweeks is a program that is dedicated to teach language skills through the same approach that Mathwees uses, viz. daily worksheets, small steps, visually appealing and explanatory tutor sheets and a year long 40 week program. Englishspells also focus on just one worksheet a day making it easy and motivating for the child to do on his or her own with a little help if required from the parents and teachers.

Englishspells deals with language skills like listening, reading, and more importantly written expression, usage of correct grammar and language comprehension, various types of comprehension.

Again like Mathweeks, Englishspells is also a 40 – 45 weeks program, created for children between the ages 5 and 12, and comes in 7 levels A, B, C, D, E, F and G. The target audience is both English speakers and native English speakers.

Englishspells will be launched in 7 levels by April 2015.


Scienceleaf is an activity based ‘fun with science and experiments program’ which focus on the skills required for science learning like observation, experimentation, recording, making notes, asking questions, making hypotheses and testing them. Just like Mathweeks and Englishspells, Scienceleaf also focuses on one topic a week and has one small interesting activity to do, observe or record every day. Scienceleaf not only deals with science topics but also social science and citizenship that includes dealing with issues related to environment, human rights, family, home etc.

The first four levels of Scienceleaf will be launched by October 2015.